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This Blog, Kevin's Opinions and Success

The ideas, thoughts and opinions of this blog are intended to inform, challenge, share and generally bring some value to the reader.

I am often asked about my success and how I was able to go from a 16 year old school drop out, to owning a company that last year generated $140 million in revenues.  I try to share some of my experiences, some of my thoughts and ideas … but they are based on my journey, and you need to be able to apply the concepts to your journey.  Your journey will never be exactly like mine.

I sometimes write about personal development with ideas for people to explore, if they so desire … but that is entirely within the control of the individual.  I don’t presume to know you or what you want from your life … I share my thoughts to help, not judge or dictate.

I have often been approached by people I know who think a blog entry was about them.  It isn’t!  I don’t write any blog entry directed at an individual, although experiences I have along the way will generate the thought for the blog entry.  I write them based on my 40 plus (ouch) years of work experience.

It took me a long time to realize that most of my barriers were within myself … that once I believed I could succeed, I began to have success.  Once I was able to “do what it takes” rather than allow barriers to stop me, then I was on my journey.  If you have not yet truly reached that point then you may be reading this blog and thinking things like I can’t do that; or he must be lucky or have rich friends or brilliant; etc.

I am definitely not brilliant, my background was very modest; I started my working life in the Royal Navy at the very lowest rank that exists and was never an officer.   Every entrepreneur needs some element of luck … but like Jefferson (or Goldwyn) said “The harder I work the luckier I get”!

The keys to Kevin’s success … hard work, time management, attitude, energy and a willingness to be constantly learning.

I took a shine to this poster, and I’m sure every entrepreneur can relate!