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10 Blog Entries for Salespeople!

I have been writing to this blog for more than seven years, and one of the topics I write about frequently is sales.  Here are 10 blog entries, (plus a bonus one) that I have written on this subject, that just might make a difference to you if you are looking to increase your sales effectiveness.

1. A Salesperson’s Dilemma …  How To Get Your Mojo Back!!! was an entry designed to help salespeople who have gone “off the boil”!  They have had success, but things have happened and they are no doing so well … here are some things you can do to get back on track!

2. Your Kickstart in Sales for 2013 was an entry designed to give a salesperson some ideas about getting their sales efforts ramped up heading into a new year.

3. Tips to Increase Sales … an infographic.  I found this infographic and really like the messages.

4. 10 Tips for Managing Your Time was one of many time management blog entries that is very relevant to salespeople.

5. Priorities … a Sales Lesson was a blog entry designed to remind salespeople that it is the client’s priorities that count!

6. Salespeople and the Comfort Zone was a blog entry exhorting salespeople to get out of their comfort zone and be more successful because of that!

7. 10 Reasons to be Out Meeting Clients was a blog entry that should not need to be written, yet too many salespeople spend too much time at their own desk.

8. The Sales Funnel is a blog entry that explains the funnel, how it works and what it means to salespeople and their managers.

9. Sales Needs Focus … AND Diversity!  This blog entry tries to explain that focus is critical to success, but that the focus needs to be applied in ENOUGH different opportunities to bring success.

10. 10 Reasons Why I Take Lots of Notes was a blog entry very applicable to sales people.  I rarely see salespeople taking good notes in meetings, yet those meetings can be filled with valuable information which immediately gets lost!  Great salespeople take notes … lots of them!

and as a special bonus...

11. What Successful Salespeople Do.  I would like to think that any salesperson would want to read all of these blog entries … but I can tell you that the best ones will.  What else do great salespeople do … this blog entry might give you some answers?

"I am Salesperson" Poster by Kevin Dee