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Calls Out of the Blue

Bad salesperson trying to sell his product to people on the street

Do you ever get those calls? “Hi, this is Jeff from XYZ Incorporated. I’d like to take just 5 minutes of your time to tell you how I can save your corporation real dollars!” … Click! (That is the sound of me putting the phone down)

I must be on every “list” in existence and those calls just help me create the “Kevin Dee No Call List!” As a CEO, in fact any senior person, time is my most precious commodity and the chances of me giving any of it to some stranger with a canned sales pitch is ZERO.

For me to take such a call that person needs to either be someone I know, be referred to me by someone I trust, know me well enough to know what is going to get my attention or have a very compelling story that happens to hit my hot button of the moment!

Please … do your homework! Preparation is everything and cold calling CEOs out of the blue just doesn’t work.

Its not just a phone thing!  Last week a guy shows up in the office and catches me as I come through the door.  Being the polite person I am, I asked if he was looking for someone.  Turns out he is a “salesperson” … working for a company that is in the same space that we are.  I can’t begin to list the things this guy did wrong … basically everything!  I suggested that he and his company might want to (a) invest in some training and (b) join the industry association to understand our industry a little.

If you are a sales person here are a few VERY BASIC rules:

1.  Understand your prospects, at least at the most basic level, before wasting their time.  Do not ask your client to educate you!

2.  Don’t show up without an appointment unless you have an existing relationship (and know they won’t mind) or have some other excellent reason that does not involve wasting anyone’s time.

3.  Get sales training!