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Computers and Expectations

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I don’t claim to be an expert with computers, but having a programming background and a reasonable understanding of their capabilities it is interesting to see what people expect from their technology today.

Our smart phones today are more powerful than mainframe computers of the past.

We rely on our technology to bring us the news, weather, sports scores (as it happens), email and it’s a phone too.

We use it to find and book restaurants, as a GPS to get us where we are going, to predict traffic issues, to take pictures on the go AND to watch videos.

Our desktop computers have so many applications open that many people use two screens.  We expect instantaneous response from our computers despite the fact that we are transferring huge amounts of data across the internet to and from the “cloud”.   We use these devices as communication devices for email, instant messaging, video conferencing and voice over IP systems.  We expect to be able to watch the news while working on spreadsheets, with multiple windows open and still expect our computers to “hum” along!

Here is the deal … most of us have business computers that can handle this kind of “traffic’ … to a point.

Here are a few thoughts for those of you who might get frustrated from time to time.

1.  Restart your computer EVERY DAY!

2.  Avoid the temptation to keep EVERYTHING open … even the most powerful computers have limits.  If you are not using an application for a while shut it and reopen it later,

3.  Power down your smart phone daily.  These devices need that “reset” on a regular basis too.

4.  Don’t keep anything important in just one place … on your desktop, or an external drive.  Back up anything important.

5.  Keep learning … there are so many tips and tricks for our technology these days that not many people use anywhere near their capability.  As an example, here are some tips for iPhone users that you might find useful.

6.  Keep things in perspective … your technology does an amazing amount of work for you, but everything has limitations.  The chances are if you are having more problems than other users, the problem is you … get some training.

7.  Don’t be SO dependent upon technology that you can’t operate somewhat without it!  Try a little mental calculation every now and then, practice memorising important phone numbers so that when you lose your smart phone you won’t be totally lost.

8.  If you use your home computer for anything related to work make sure you have a good anti-virus software.

9.  Speaking of which … be careful what you open!  Be aware of the types of scams being committed and be wary of opening any links in emails unless you are absolutely SURE of the sender.

10.  If your computer is taking a minute to do something … have some other work available to get on with!   It makes that “wait time” so much more productive and less frustrating.

Be nice to your computer support people too!