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It’s that time of year when lots of people are taking advantage of the nice weather, school holidays and planned time away from the office.

1.  Some thoughts for those taking time off …

  1. There are definite health benefits to recharging the batteries… take full advantage of your break.

  2. There are also mental health benefits to taking vacation. This study focused on women but I can only assume it applies to men too.

  3. We are all different, take the right type of vacation for you … if lying on the beach is your thing then do it, if you like active vacations then do that!

  4. If staying in touch with the office brings you peace of mind (like me) then do it, in a controlled manner.  If you need the total break then do that … just make sure you set everybody’s expectation accordingly.

  5. Be in the moment … too often we start to think about the “impending end of the vacation” when we are only half way into it!  Enjoy every minute!

2. For those staying behind.

  1. Your turn will come  … so cover for your colleagues the way you will want them to cover for you.

  2. If you are in sales do not fall into that standard trap, believing that no business is done during the summer!

  3. Plan your days and work the plan!

  4. Keep your eye on the ball!

The sunny days are great mood boosters, more vitamin D, patio meals, smiling faces and that intangible “high” that comes at this time of year … take advantage of the energy and join all those SMILERS!