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Creating Your Own Destiny

Ambitious Man on top of mountain with flag

I talk about change a lot in this blog.  The PACE of change, the INEVITABILITY of change, the REALITY of change.

I suggest that we need to EMBRACE change, to GET ON BOARD, to GO WITH IT.

I even go as far as to suggest you GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and create your own change!

The problem for most people is that it is all hypothetical. They don’t know how to actually take that advice and DO SOMETHING with it.

Perhaps some people might have an idea about how to do it … but consider it too hard.

Here are some concrete ideas for those of you willing to take your destiny into your own hands.  Obviously there are other ways … but if you are having difficulty getting started, this might help.

1.  Decide what you want.  Do you want a particular level of success in your career?  Do you want to achieve a certain role?  Do you want to earn a certain amount of money?  The important thing is to have a goal in mind, because then you can create a plan on how to get there.

2.  Decide how much you want it.  How hard are you willing to work?  What are you willing to sacrifice?  Are you willing to adopt the attitude needed in order to reach that goal?

3.  Identify some people that have reached that goal and understand how they got there.  What experience do they have?  What education do they have?  What are their strengths?  How hard do  they work?  What makes them different than the people around them?  Who do they “hang out” with?

4.  Develop your plan based on the results of your research.  You have found a few people to use as models… what are the common characteristics and how do you emulate them?   What training/education do you need… recognising this might take a long time.  What experiences do you need and how can you get them … with your own company, with volunteer organisations, or do you need to move company?  Understand whether you can achieve your goals where you live or whether you have more chance of success somewhere else.

5.  Revisit your commitment.  You need to work anyway, are you willing to work that much harder?  Are you willing to learn … not just go through the paces, but really learn?  If needed, are you willing to change your outlook on life?

6.  Implement your plan.  Set smaller goals along the way.  Get mentors who can help you.  Find ways to keep yourself motivated.

7.  Develop a network of people who are like the person you want to be.  If you want to be a very successful business owner then understand how other business owners think.

8.  Recognise that you are on a journey.  It will not go in a straight line, things will change, likely your goals will change but until you embark on this journey you will be stuck where you are, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it is where you want to be!

9.  Changing the course of your life is hard work, but very rewarding … if you can do all of this, then you can do anything!

10.  Bonus for those salespeople out there.  Sometimes the only change a salesperson wants is for their sales numbers to get back to their peak.  Here are Seven Ideas to Get Those Sales Rolling Again.