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I sometimes write about the need for both companies, AND individuals, to “give something back” to the society that gives us so much.

In trying to “sell” those who are skeptical, or resistant, I have presented various arguments over time.  I exhorted people to support “Your community”  whatever that community is.

I have challenged people to “Give Something Back, and Get in the Game” … in this case the game of supporting those in need.

Among other blog entries on the subject I have suggested that if you have been lucky in your life then then you should help somebody else out.

Lots of logic, supported by some references to other sources that link personal success to the act of giving.

A friend of mine sent me one of Seth Godin’s recent blog entries Why not give?  As usual, Seth Godin can condense a subject down to its most concise form and he reasons that the act of generosity is in itself a reward!

I can buy that … can you?