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The Quiet Heroes


Each month Eagle’s management team reviews a list of our employees who have been thanked for their efforts, big and small, by peers and managers.  From this list we will identify those who have gone “above and beyond” the normal expectations of their job and we recognize them with an award (which comes with some goodies).

People don’t win this award for just doing their job well.

These people have a positive attitude.

They are team players.

They will take on tasks that are not necessarily a part of their job description.

They will do something selfless that helps another team member.

They will get involved in their community.

They are the people you can count on when the going gets tough.

They will be the “quiet heroes” who just get stuff done, even when it involves some sacrifice, and they do it with no fuss.

Every company has some of these people, and I think we are blessed with more than most.

These are the people who bring a positive attitude to work every day and make it a place people want to work.

Does your company recognize its quiet heroes?