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What IS It All About ... for YOU?

Joe says, “When you are lying on your deathbed you will never wish you put in a few more hours at the office“.  Joe uses that as an excuse to work as little as he can get away with.

Sally says, “I don’t want to look back on my life and regret the things I did not do.”  Sally uses that as a motivator to fill her life with experiences.

Sue says, “Never volunteer, keep your head down and let the “suckers” do all the work.”  Sue wonders why she is still doing the same thing ten years later.

John says, “Don’t worry I can do that”, or “Don’t worry, leave it to me“.  John knows that a few hours extra effort is a small price to build his experience, his credibility and his career.

Billy says, “I want WORK LIFE balance” which in HIS mind translates into working the minimum possible.

Jenny says, “I want LIFE balance” which means doing what it takes to get the most out of ALL aspects of her life.

I say “My life is entirely in my hands … I want to truly LIVE my life“.

I love my fear

What do YOU say?