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10 Rules To Enjoy LIFE!


1. Accept that your life is in your hands. HUGE!  When you can accept that you are the architect of your own destiny, that “IT” is not the fault of “the boss”, “the government”, “your parents” or anyone else…THEN you will start to truly live!

2. Do NOT be envious of other people’s lives.  If you can motivate yourself by trying to emulate others, great.  Do NOT envy the other person’s income, car, house, life etc. … you really don’t know all of the details, and it is of no bearing to your life.  Focus on your life!

3. Be consciously thankful! Remember all of the good stuff in your life, there are always people worse off, with less prospects, coping with bigger issues … remind yourself, and be grateful!

4. Give to others.  I have said this many times … the act of giving is rewarding, the ability to give is rewarding.  Relish that reward and recognise that if you keep doing the right things good stuff will happen!

5. Push yourself.  Don’t float through life, set yourself goals, stretch yourself, be the best that you can be … and when you want to give up, dig deep and push a little further.


6. Be good to yourself.  Reward your achievements, pamper yourself sometimes … just keep it in perspective so that it does not become the norm!

7. Don’t expect life to be fair.  It isn’t!  If you can recognise and deal with that, then you can move past setbacks more easily … and there will be setbacks.

8. Cultivate friends.  Friends are an important part of your life … don’t sacrifice friendships, you will regret it.  Invest time in your friends.

9. Make lists.  Create a bucket list, a “to do” list, lists of books to read, lists of movies to watch, artists to see and listen to.  Create lists of your friends, and revisit it to make sure you are keeping touch.  List important dates (probably in your calendar), list places to visit, list goals, list achievements, list failures.  Lists are a great way to learn from the past and plan for the future!

10. Don’t be a Victim.  Bad stuff happens to good people … that is a fact.  It is how you react to the bad stuff that defines you.  It is OK to feel sorry for yourself, to bemoan your fate, to get mad … for a short time.  Then you have to get back to living your life!