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A Sense of Urgency

businessman walking fast while smiling

For many years I have used the phrase “Walk Fast and Smile”!

I tell people that if they walk fast it “sets the tone” for their sense of urgency and if they smile they will (a) feel better and (b) make others feel better.

In recent years I have been walking a lot more than previously … walking to and from work, and walking around the downtown core much more than grabbing taxis or driving.

I really notice the people who walk fast … AND the people who walk really slowly.

My mini experiment would suggest that a high percentage of “high achievers” have a sense of urgency that is on display in how fast they walk.

Why not conduct your own mini experiment?

1.  Notice the most successful people you know … and what percentage of them walk fast.

2.  Notice the people who walk extra slow (I am not talking about people with any kind of physical limitation) … and determine what percentage of them you think might be considered “high flyers”.

3.  Make a conscious effort to increase your own sense of urgency about the important things in your life … at the same time, increase the speed at which you walk.  Try to consciously work on both and see if you can keep that pace up.

I firmly believe that it is hard to have a sense of urgency about one part of your life, without that sense of urgency impacting all of your life.

None of this means you can’t relax, chill and enjoy your time off.  However a sense of urgency applied to your life will (a) allow you to get more done; (b) Impact how people view you and (c) just maybe move you into that “high flyer” category.

PS.  Don’t forget to smile!