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SOME Answers to Those Resume Questions

Q.  Is it true my resume should only be one page long?

A.  Yes AND No.  A shorter resume is easier to assess (not easier to write) is focused on only relevant facts and can demonstrate a candidates skills quickly.  If you are a consultant who has worked on many projects then clients want to see some details, successes and experience from all of those projects … which can lead to very long resumes.  So the real answer is to understand what works in your situation … work with a recruiter and get some advice!

Q.  I hear that video resumes are a new “thing”, should I be considering one?

A.  Video resumes are not really that new, however there is some merit in having them, particularly if you are applying for roles remotely.  IF you build a video resume I would suggest having a traditional one too, and asking what the recruiter wants.  Also, a poor quality video resume won’t do you any favors.  Get some advice/help if you head down that path.

Q.  What are the big “faux pas” that you see in resumes?

A.  Spelling/grammatical errors, missing information, “generic” resumes that are used for multiple roles (eg Project Leader and/or Business Analyst roles).  Resumes should be “selling documents” and too often they don’t sell the skills, experience and attributes of their owner.

I thought you might get a kick out of the following infographic that one of my colleagues shared … thanks Sam!

Infographic giving advice about what makes a good resume