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The Importance of Entrepreneurship

Countries around the world are trying to rev up their economies and small & medium sized businesses (SMBs) are playing a huge part in that recovery.  I came across the following Infographic at William Griggs blog, although it was originally on the Daily Infographics site.

It gives a small insight into the challenges facing entrepreneurs who start and run theses SMBs.

A look at the chalengesfacing entrepreneurs in an infogrphic form

You can see that the data is US centric, but much of it will apply in any country.

Having looked at this infographic it does give you a better understanding of the next picture!


I can tell you, after seventeen years of running my own business that it is never easy … but there is nothing I would sooner do!

If you want to make a big impact then be an entrepreneur, create jobs, grow a business and help your economy to recover.  In the words of Richard Branson…“Screw it, Let’s do it!”

PS.  Support your local entrepreneurs too … at the end of the day that is the same as supporting your economy!