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Make Your Own Luck!

There is always an element of luck in life.

People are lucky because they are in the right place at the right time.

People are lucky because of where they are born … in a “first world” country, and/or into an affluent family.

People are lucky because they might be “gifted” with a special talent.

BUT … the world is filled with examples of people who had that “luck” but did nothing with it.

Make your own luck!  Here are four tangible things ANYONE can do.

1. Adopt a positive attitude… this is easier for some that for others.

  • Hang out with positive people.

  • Build up your own self belief, by setting goals and then meeting them.

  • Focus on your blessings.

  • Accept that there are things you cannot change … focus on the things you can change.

2. Maintain a strong work ethic.

  • Work harder than your peers … another few hours a week is a good investment in yourself.  Your efforts are for you and the fact your employer benefits is good for everyone!

  • When you are at work … work!  Don’t slack off, don’t spend your time checking the news, chatting to your peers or texting your friends!

  • Look after your health, so that you can keep up with a tough schedule.  Stay fit, eat healthy, indulge as treats not as a way of life.

3. Invest in yourself… embrace the concept of continuous learning.

  • Take every learning opportunity your company will give you.

  • Spend some of your own money on training/tools that will help you learn/be more productive.

  • Learn on the job … get a mentor, ask the experts, stretch yourself.

4. Give more than you get.

  • In my experience it is the people who are generous, with their time and their money, who get the most out of life.

  • You never know how a gift will come back.

  • This, of all the things I have mentioned, will develop the attitude you need for success.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur… but you can act like one!

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