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Things Job Candidates Do To Make You Roll Your Eyes

Any recruiter who has been in the business for any length of time will have stories to tell about the strange and sometimes bizarre things that job applicants do.

I was reminded of this today when I read an article from Business Insider about an email that someone sent to a recruiter … which clearly was “not a good move”!

Funnily enough, not an hour later I was talking to one of my colleagues and she had just received an equally embarrassing email from a candidate for one of her jobs.  Here is how THIS story unfolds.  She posts the role on LinkedIN (amongst other places) and receives a number of applicants, some look to be worth talking to and some clearly not.  Our special applicant was in the clearly not camp, and she sends a polite note back to inform him that she doesn’t think he is a good fit for the role.  (NOTE:  One big knock against recruiters is that they don’t keep people “in the loop”, so kudos to my colleague for actually communicating her thoughts!)

Warning sign saying oops!

Here is the rather quick reply that she received …

Kindly re read my résumé not for my candidacy towards the role, BUT instead for not doing your job accordingly, as I have the exact specifics and
beyond requirements for your tiny role lmfao bahaha ok take care have a good day and get a lesson on human resources you either suffer from ADD or
PTS disorder as my résumé is in clear plain English.

The up side for us is that this person verified their ineligibility for any role we would ever be associated with.  The down side for them is that this now forms a part of their brand, and like the poor student written up in Business Insider they become a model of poor behaviour!

So a few thoughts on applying for jobs:

1.  Think about the consequences of your actions … poor behaviour and inappropriate language will not help you ever.

2.  If you are writing to a prospective employer then it is always advisable to use good grammar … and punctuation!  This person not only demonstrated poor judgment and a bad temper they also demonstrated an inability to string a coherent sentence together.

3.  When you a burn a bridge in the business world there is no knowing when it is going to come back to hurt you.

It might help to remember the story of the “high flying” young man who was dashing to court because he was a little late for his appointment to fight a traffic ticket.  As he drove to the appointment an elderly man was driving at the speed limit, forcing our young hot shot to slow down for a few blocks. As he blew past the elderly gentleman he gave him the finger and mouthed some obscenities.  Sometime later as the young man was making final preparations for his hearing  the judge entered the court to hear the young man’s case it just so happened to be that same elderly gentleman.

You just never know what the consequences will be from your poor judgment … so think about your actions BEFORE you do something you regret!