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Build Credibility!

People like to deal with people that they can trust.  They want to associate with people that “make deposits into the "emotional bank account” not just take!

lady bringing coffee for a man

It is really quite easy to establish trust … just make a commitment, and then keep it!

Maybe it seems a little obvious, or even a little too easy, but it works!

Here are a few commitments that a salesperson might make, that would be easy to deliver …

  • I will drop off a proposal with the pricing before the end of the week.

  • I will get you the contact information for <someone of interest> by Thursday.

  • I will give you call next Monday to follow up.

  • I will bring coffee to the meeting on Friday.

How about some ways to build credibility with a friend or a spouse.

  • I will take you for dinner next Thursday evening.

  • I will organise a trip to the movies this month.

  • I will pick you up some scotch on my next Calgary trip.

  • I will give you a ride to the game.

You build your credibility by keeping lots of relatively easy promises, and of course making sure you deliver the “big ones” too!  When you inevitably miss a promise it is a rare thing from which you can more easily recover.

Develop a habit of making promises to the important people in your life .. and make sure you deliver!