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Business Wisdom From John Paul Dejoria

kevin dee and his kawasaki ZX14

I’m here at the “Inc. Riders Summit” in Las Vegas, a business conference for CEOs and business owners who also happen to be keen motorbike riders too!  Pretty cool concept.

We just finished an informal chat with John Paul Dejoria, best known as the owner of Paul Mitchell Hair Products and Patron Spirits.

“JP” had a tough start in life but is now an extremely successful business person.  He had some “lessons” he shared with us:

1.  Love what you do … and ensure your people love what they do.

2.  Have quality in your service or products … do not compromise.

3.  Constantly look for efficiencies in your business … he feels that more jobs could be created locally if efficiencies could bring the cost differential down to 5% between “made in USA (or Canada)” and made abroad.

4.  Run a lean operation … slightly different from the above point, but have your people responsible for multiple tasks.

5.  If you want to start and grow a company you should “look big” and “act big” (my paraphrasing) to give a sense of comfort to those buying from you.

Kevin on motorbike ride in Vegas at Inc Riders Summit

6.  “Be prepared for a lot of rejection”!  JP sold encyclopedias door to door for 3 1/2 years!

7.  Keep your commitments!

8.  Positive messages go a long way … rather than destructive messages.  He talked about his political messages to both major political parties and how he presents his ideas as positive rather than attacking.

9.  Have strong relationships with your executives … regular communication  helps.

10.  Save for a rainy day as soon as you can … “Part of what you earn is yours to keep”!

11.  Work hard and be willing to do what it takes to be successful.

12.  Have the same passion as when you start your business consistently.  Even years later when you are still running your company!

Obviously a very quick synopsis of one hour picking a super successful business man’s brain!

These are some lessons here for all of us!