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As a child growing up in England one of my favorite nights of the year was Guy Fawkes night … or Bonfire Night as we knew it.  It is celebrated on November 5th each year in memory of a conspiracy known as “The Gunpowder Plot,” when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the British parliament.

Bonfire night was exciting as a child, we would have a bonfire in the back yard and my dad would set off some fireworks.  There would be similar celebrations around the neighborhood and in some places there were large communal celebrations.

I don’t know why we celebrated a “terrorist” trying to blow up parliament but that is probably a story for another day … but celebrate we did.

The thing about fireworks is that they bring excitement; they get the pulse going and bring a smile to most people watching.

John Lennon talking about understanding what happiness is

We ALL have the ability to bring “fireworks” into our life … we can “blow up” our old ways of doing things, the boring parts of our life and make them more interesting.

What fireworks are YOU going to set off in your life?

What is going to get you engaged and smiling and the pulse racing?

We only get one shot at life … are you going to go through life without fireworks?

You don’t need to be a rebel.  You don’t need to cause any damage … but you might want to blow up some old habits, create some new ones, set some audacious goals and get some excitement into your life.

Do something different.

Rethink how you spend your time … could you be spending it more wisely?

Could you be doing things that you really WANT to be doing?