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Grow Your Network!

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Here are just a few reasons to work at growing your network:

1.  You meet interesting people.

2.  Some of those people become friends.

3.  You can further your business interests.

4.  You can help other people further their business interests.

5.  The more you grow your direct network you actually increase your reach exponentially … because each of the people in your network have access to different networks.

6.  You learn so much from interacting with other people … especially new people!

7.  You can create an informal “advisory board” using the people in your network.

8.  You can better understand your markets by talking to lots of people.

How about some ways to grow your network:

1.  Be the “organizer” and arrange to get people together.  This takes some effort but is well worth it!

2.  Ask some of your current contacts to introduce you to other people in their network.

3.  Get together with people of like interests.  As an example this week I am at a conference for CEOs who ride motorcycles.  A fantastic idea organized by Inc. Magazine, called the Inc. Rider’s Summit.

4.  Attend networking events that work for you … don’t go to those that are not appealing.

5.  Join organisations, clubs or interest groups that appeal to you.

6.  Use online tools like LinkedIn to reconnect with people you used to know.

I can think of no good reasons not to do this!