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Picking a Goal

soccer ball in the goal net

Goals are a great way to focus your efforts.

You can use goals for motivation.

When you have a goal (some goals) you can develop a plan to reach that goal.

When you don’t have a goal you don’t really know where you are headed … and sometimes that is OK.

Most productivity experts would suggest that you (A) develop some goals, and then (B) develop plans to reach those goals.

My suggestion is that you set goals in a few different “categories” … some examples: i.  Career goals; ii.  Health & Fitness goals; iii.  Hobby/Interests goals; iv.  Relationship goals.

Here are some thoughts about picking goals:

1.  The process does not have to be too complex … because if you find you have the wrong goals you can always change them.

2.  Focus on what will make you happy, improve your quality of life or at a minimum move you to somewhere better (physically or emotionally).

3.  Your goals should be reachable … but don’t limit yourself.


4.  Your goals should not be too easy … making an effort to reach a goal is what helps you to grow as a person.

5.  You don’t need a lot of goals … start small and gain confidence as you succeed in meeting goals.

6.  Goals require some form of structure … you need a way to track your progress, and to reward yourself as you move towards your goal and most importantly you need to know when you reach your goal, so it must be tangible.

7.  It is OK to involve other people in the process of picking goals … but you need to own them.

8.  One trick is to share your goals with others so that they can hold you accountable.

9.  Make sure that the goal you pick has a plan that you can commit to … or you will not reach your goal.

10.  The way to reach BIG goals is to break them down into smaller goals that move you towards your big goal.

Use goals to help ALL aspects of your life.  They are not just a work thing!