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Is Pinterest a Viable Recruiting Tool ... Why Not Try it out?

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When it comes to recruiting and social media, most experts agree that LinkedIn is the prime spot with the best opportunities.  There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of social media websites, though, so why limit yourself to just one? Pinterest is a great supplement because it can target a certain demographic and visually sell a corporate culture, but according to December’s Virtual Recruiter Quick Poll, very few organizations are actually leveraging this tool.

In less than 4 years, Pinterest has become one of the world’s top social networks, allowing users to pin pictures and videos to their Pinterest Boards and share them with their followers.  Although it’s known mostly for pictures relating to fashion tips, travel destinations and recipes, many recruiters use it to enhance their recruiting strategy, especially when potential employees include woman ages 18-34 (the top demographic using Pinterest).

Sound like it may be for you?  Here are a few tips we gathered to help you get started.

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Create a Pinterest Account: Sounds obvious, but it’s a pretty crucial step in getting started. You will need to decide if you want an account that promotes the entire organization and its services, or a profile focused only on recruiting.

Create Boards that Add Value for Potential Applicants: Define your target audience, and create boards that would interest them (maybe those recipe boards could work for you).  This is how they will find you, follow you, and start wanting to work for you.  To begin, create a board dedicated to job search and workplace tips – almost everybody can relate to those.

Create Boards to Promote Your Company: These are where you can show off what you have to offer.  Some boards could include:

–       Cultural images such as team building events or fun graphics that represent your core values

–       A virtual tour of your offices and workspace

–       Videos of employees talking about how awesome it is to work with your organization

–       Links to LinkedIn profiles of your team members

–       The key skills you see in your ideal employees

–       And of course the obvious one, job postings!

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Tell Them How to Interact: Pinterest doesn’t make it easy to contact fellow pinners so make sure you let people know how they can send you a resume. Include email addresses, links to your LinkedIn profile or corporate Job Board, QR codes, and any other tools that make it easy for a potential applicant to reach out.

Go Find Them:  Now that you’re putting stuff out there, you need to start interacting.  Start searching boards and pinners based on the interests of people you would want working for you.  Then, re-pin and share their content.  This will not only get their attention but help you get more content that’s relevant to the people you want to reach.

So what do you think?  Is Pinterest right for your organization’s recruitment strategy?  If so, how else can you leverage it to attract more quality applicants?