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It Takes Effort To Reach Your Goals!

Desire Is Just a Motivator

Colin Powell quote hard work

Desire is a big motivator … but in and of itself it is not enough.

We might have a strong desire to be successful as a salesperson … but the desire is just a motivator, it alone will not get us there.

Many people desire things in life … animate or inanimate.

They want a bigger house, a new car, a bigger pay cheque or a trip to a hot destination.

They want a better education, more skills on the soccer field, better lung capacity or more strength.

They want the “hot date”, the brightest prospect in the class or that person they have chased since they were 12.

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There is no shortage of Desire in the world.

The question is are you willing to “pay the price” to reach your goal.

Use your desire to stay motivated … but develop a plan to get what you want.

Then work that plan… fueled by that desire!