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Keep Your Shoes Polished!

one clean shoe and one dirty shoe

Along the journey of life we learn many lessons … and sometimes we need to re-learn them!

Here is a basic lesson I learned during seven years in the Royal Navy.

Keep your shoes polished.

What does it say to me about a person who has habitually clean shoes?

They care about their grooming … so presumably they care about how they are perceived, which means they will try hard.

They likely feel that the little things are important … so presumably they will take care of the big things too.

They have some discipline … which means they are likely conscientious.

They have a means to keep their shoes clean … so they are probably organised.

Some tips to help you create an image of professionalism too …

Keep a spare pair of clean shoes in your office … so when it’s snowy or rainy you can change.

Keep some polish and brushes in your office, and at home.

Check the state of your shoes every day.

PS. Apply the same logic to all the little things!