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Me or I, us or we?

The I in TEAM is the A HOLE!One of Eagle's core values is Team. It is a very important part of our culture and permeates everything that we do. That is not an accident ... our core values were well researched, discussed, debated and developed. We wanted a team based environment and here are 10 reasons why ... 1. We wanted our employees to help each other to be successful ... not just look out for themselves. 2. We wanted an atmosphere of collaboration, which is a healthy work environment. 3. We felt that work is tough enough without having to "battle" your peers every day. 4. We know that a team of professionals, working together towards common goals can achieve great things. 5. We wanted our company to be focused on providing the best answers to our clients ... not internally focused on "turf wars". 6. Teams that are focused on the right things will motivate and challenge each other, in addition to assisting each other ... that is powerful! 7. Superstars can bring real value to teams IF they can be team players ... if NOT then we don't want them! 8. Any system has challenges ... I would sooner find ways to solve the challenges associated with a team environment than the alternative. 9. I like team players, and I want to work with people I like. 10. Clients will buy from NICE people. Our lexicon includes the word "we" ... but the word "I" tends to be annoying! ________________________________________________________________ Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company) Gain a competitive edge! Join Eagle's Executive Consulting Network! Find Canada's top hot jobs, updated in real-time! Visit Eagle's Job Centre! Have you tried Eagle's (very cost effective) VirtualRecruiter service? ________________________________________________________________