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Are You Comfortable in Your Own Skin!

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Do you like who you are?

Are you OK with where you are in your life?

If you answer both of those questions “YES”, then most likely you ARE already comfortable in your own skin.

However, it is my observation that too many people spend far too much time wishing for things … a better career, a better relationship, more time off, more travel … whatever!

Those same people don’t always want to work at achieving those goals, but instead of wishing for them they could be working towards them.

So … take some time to understand what is most important to YOU.

Understand what you are willing to do, or even IF you are willing to do anything to achieve those important goals.

Then decide whether those goals are REALLY important to you.

Now you can set up a plan to meet those goals.

Some things to remember …

1.  If a goal worth pursuing then it will  take some effort.  Nothing in life is free.

2.  That effort is part of your life journey … enjoy the journey!

3.  You can amaze yourself at what you can achieve.

4.  There is huge self-satisfaction in achieving your goals … this can become addictive!

5.  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” … Lau Tsu.

I wrote a very succinct blog post with some Rules to Enjoy Life… check it out.