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Salespeople MUST be Accountable

Your income is related to attitude quote by Jim Rohn

If you are a salesperson …

Do you own the responsibility of meeting and exceeding your targets?

Do you have a plan to get there?

Do you know where the numbers are coming from?  Which clients? What specific events?  When?

Do you have contingency in there for when he inevitable hiccups happen?

Companies rely on their salespeople to meet their numbers in order for the company to meet its targets, therefore the sales team needs to trulyowntheir targets.

As a business owner/sales manager/executive there are some telling signs about whether your sales team understand their obligations or whether they just “try their best” … Which is really a euphemism for “they don’t really have a strategy to meet their plan”.

 “Accountability breeds response-ability.”   Stephen R. Covey

Some telling statements from under-performing salespeople who don’t have accountability for their numbers.

1.  I’m doing everything I can.
2. The market is just not doing anything.
3 .  I’m doing everything I’ve always done.
4.  I just don’t understand why the numbers are dropping off.

Some things you will hear from reps who are actually executing on their strategy but things Re not going according to plan.

I expected xxx orders from this client, but they are down, so I am …

1.  Chasing my tier 2 clients (a, b and c) to increase the orders and make up he difference.
2.  I have increased my prospecting calls by xx hours a week.
3.  I have increased my face to face meetings by xx per week to see where the action is.
4.  I have been gathering new leads from the production team based on their past experiences to add to my prospect list.
5.  I have changed my hours up a little … Making prospecting calls first and last thing, leaving time for face to face meetings during the primary selling hours.
6.  I’m calling into past clients I knew years ago and setting up meetings.
7.  I’m setting up some calls with you and the executive so we can get in higher and find out what the client strategy is.

The accountable salesperson will make things happen.
The non-accountable salesperson will have every excuse in the book for why the numbers are not there, but no concrete action plan for fixing the situation.
Worse still is the “BS” salesperson who will talk a good game, but when you dig in with questions will have no evidence that they actually are executing.  With them there will be lots of “left messages” but not much actual meeting data.

“What you do, tells me everything about you.”    Jerry Fernandez

Make sure that your sales team is made up of people who accept the responsibility and accountability that goes with the role.  I guess it is another example of hire people with the right attitude!