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When Busy People Travel

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I have written before about business travel … and the fact that what can look glamorous from the outside is in most cases quite the opposite.

Business travel is necessary.

Business travel can be very rewarding.

Business travel can enhance your career or build your business.

Business travel can allow you to visit some interesting places (if you take some extra time for the visit)

However there are some realities …

Sometimes you travel to nice locations … and spend all of your time inside meeting rooms and hotel rooms.

You get to eat in nice restaurants … but after a very few meals it would be great to have a nice home cooked meal!

Generally your workout plan takes a hit.

Most times your dietary plans take a hit.

Your day to day activities fill your day when you are not traveling… those activities don’t go away when you are focused on the other priorities that caused you to travel.

You deal with travel hassles … exacerbated during Winter travel.

You deal with time zone differences.

You deal with the security challenges at airports.

You get up early to catch flights and arrive home late to maximize your time at your location.

You arrive home with a backlog of “to dos” that you did not get done while traveling.

You miss out on some home activities … kids’ events, time with friends and family, time for chores and hobbies.

So … don’t necessarily discount jobs that have business travel, but don’t go into them without understanding the realities.

It is not bad … it is just is not that glamorous!