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Memory versus Notetaking

Albert Einstein quote about memory

Some people seem to have a great memory.  Whether it is a natural gift or they worked at it, it can be a big asset in your career.

Others don’t seem to be able to remember much at all.  That does not need to be a problem, if they are organised.

If you see me in a meeting, or at a conference you will see me filling books with notes.

The thing about memory is that you THINK you have remembered everything, but you can’t be sure.

With notes, you know what was discussed and the notes can easily be shared.

I can go back to a meeting I had last year and pull out the notes to find out what was discussed.

I can capture multiple names in my trusty notebook that almost nobody could recall purely from memory … even a couple of hours later.

The mere act of writing the notes down improves my recall of the conversation.

I don’t even need to remember when a meeting took place, because I can find that in my calendar.  I can then find the notes in the relevant notebook.

If you are in sales and don’t take lots of notes then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Even IF you pride yourself with a good memory:

  • Develop the habit of taking notes;

  • Write LOTS of notes during meetings;

  • Add to those notes directly after the meeting while the conversation is fresh in your mind; and

  • Enjoy the benefits of a great memory backed up by great notes!