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Some Lessons From a Vacation Break

Kevin with Rental motorbike

A few years ago I wrote a blog entry about Recharging Your Batteries on vacation.  The premise being that you should take the kind of vacation that works for you and your specific circumstance.

Well, fresh back from a week’s vacation I thought I would share just a few thoughts based on this vacation …

1.  I live in a cold climate, and getting some sun and warmth is important for my body AND soul!  For other people a ski vacation is what meets their needs. Know what works for you when picking a vacation!

2.  Almost in contradiction to #1, often my vacations are “scripted” … meaning that I know exactly where I will be and all the arrangements are made before I go.  This time things were more fluid, and while at times that was a little uncomfortable I found that I really liked it! Try new things, you might surprise yourself.

3.  I set myself goals each year and this year one of them was to take 4 motorcycle breaks … that could be weekends or longer.  Last week I rode 600 miles around Southern Florida … and I loved it! Set yourself goals in your private life too!

4.  One of the ways that I clear my mind is by riding a motorcycle … you can’t be focused on anything else if you want to be safe!  Another way that I clear my mind is by getting away from my daily routine.  By doing both I was able to spend time thinking about some of my challenges and bring some clarity to my thinking. Maximise the recuperative effects of your vacation by marrying different things that work for you!

5.  I used this vacation to reconnect with a couple of entrepreneurs I met at a conference in the Fall.  Adding a personal dimension to a potential business relationship will always enhance that relationship. Continue to build your network of friends, even when you are on vacation … friends are friends, whether you meet them through business or otherwise!

Life is short, live it to the max!