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From Dreams To Reality ... Are You Ready?

Poster saying Opportuniy is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"

We have all heard the phrase, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

I recently saw an Irish saying, “This is a day in our lives, and it will not come again

Both are meant to encourage us to truly LIVE our lives, and not just coast through life.

Very few people actually take that advice to heart, truly making the most of their time.

You can start this attitude at any age, and enjoy the lease on life this kind of attitude can give you.

It doesn’t matter how old you are in years, what really matters is aiming for something meaningful

I was 42 years old when I started my company.

Abraham Lincoln was 52 years old when he became President of the United States.

Colonel Sanders was 62 years old when he franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Do you have a dream of doing more with your life?

Dreams are good, but without action they will not help you to get ahead.

I would encourage you to capture those dreams and aspirations in one place … write them down.

Revisit those thoughts often and ask yourself lots of questions.

What is it is going to take?

What am I prepared to do?

Am I prepared to sacrifice?

Am I prepared to work harder than “the other guy”?

Am I prepared to move, if necessary, in order to get my opportunity?

Who could help me?

Who do I know that could give me advice?

Who else has done this?

What time frame are we talking?

Do I need to get qualifications first?

Do I need to take several interim steps before I reach the goal?

What would the absolute dream situation look like? (Best case scenario)

What would I be happy with?  (Fall back position)

Writing down your ideas and spending time refining them will give your dreams some reality.

As you flesh out those ideas you will be developing a plan.  Seeing a plan develop will support the concept that your dream could actually materialize  and once you have a plan then you are just one step away from acting on that plan.

Action is what differentiates the dreamers from the doers and without action there is nothing concrete.

Michael Jordan said, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen and others make it happen.”

To make your dreams a reality is a big step, but people do it every day… are you ready to make that leap.