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Invest in Your People

At the risk of being a little repetitive, I recently wrote a blog entry about the need to be continually learning … to “sharpen the saw” as Stephen Covey would have said.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”  Henry Ford

As individuals we owe it to ourselves to invest in our future.

As companies we too have a responsibility to ensure that our people have the right “tools” to do the job!

Eagle is running one of our regular “new employee” classes this week in Toronto and sometimes it is easy to look at the associated cost and wonder about the return on that investment.  We fly a number of those newer employees in from across the country for a week.  We fly in some of the presenters, our top sales people and recruiters, our proposal and marketing people … taking them out of their front line jobs.  Our executive team all spend time with the class making sure that they have the tools to be successful here at Eagle.  This is an exercise about understanding our company and about how to be successful here.  We talk about our processes, our tools, our capabilities, our selling messages and how to harness their previous experiences in our environment.

This is a cost that we incur about four times a year, in addition to our regular large training session in the Fall.

As CEO I sometimes think “should I be spending this money?” … but then I am reminded of a blog I wrote some time ago called, “Do You Know What Your Salespeople are Saying to Your Clients“.

If that is not enough of a jolt, then I remember the little tale below.

It doesn’t take long to be convinced about the folly of false savings!.

Invest in Training