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Is Procrastination Affecting Your Sales Success?

Quote about time ... we all have the same amount of time as genius's of the past

A good salesperson will always have a long “To Do” list.

It will include setting up meetings, documenting meetings, collecting data for clients, details around contracts, keeping in touch with existing clients and prospects, developing new leads, moving all of their current sales activities towards a close, and a million and one other sales related activities … all focused towards getting the sale!

The only way a salesperson can be truly effective is through an excellence in time management.

One part of that excellence is learning to overcome procrastination … they are too busy to procrastinate!

Almost everyone I know will procrastinate to some degree.

Some people are naturally bigger procrastinators than others.

Some people will brag about their ability to procrastinate … and they may well be successful in their job, because (a) they are not in sales, and (b) they will not procrastinate on tasks that need to get done.

If you put off making those “niggly phone calls”, making the “duty” visits and doing the tasks that you just don’t enjoy, then all you are really doing is either (a) missing activities and suffering the consequences, or (b) creating a bigger time management problem when everything backs up and needs to be done at once.

Procrastination IS natural, yet it is NOT logical.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”  Abraham Lincoln.

Procrastination does not make the tasks go away … or at least if they don’t get done there are likely to be consequences!

The thing about the sales job is that there are always many tasks that need to get done in a timely manner, and they are not all going to be pleasant or easy … so procrastination is just not a viable option.

I see some salespeople who do not want to make calls into new prospects (whether cold calls OR warm calls).

I see some salespeople who don’t want to return calls to irate clients.

I see some salespeople who don’t want to push their clients for decisions.

I see some salespeople who will wait for the phone to ring rather than be proactive!

These kinds of behaviors will cost you business … because your competition IS calling, is talking to your “unhappy” client and is beating you to the decisions.

If you want to be successful in sales this is one area that you need to master.

You need to do everything in a timely manner.

You should become a “Ninja” of time management.

You should be someone who ALWAYS gets the job done!

So … use “To Do” lists, prioritise your work, set yourself goals and do not put off those tasks.

A picture of what a salesperson should be ... using words