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Lessons From The Boxing Ring

Boxing trophy from white collar event 20112

Three years ago I climbed in a boxing ring in front of several hundred people in a charity boxing event.

It took some thought before I agreed to make that commitment, but the experience was a positive one.

Would you be willing to do the same?  To give blood for charity in a boxing ring, rather than the conventional way?

Why did I do it?

I was approaching my 56th birthday and my dad had been 56 when he died of a heart attack.  My dad was a “scrapper’ and I thought of him when I agreed to do this.

Like most people, cancer has touched many people that I know.  I thought of those people when I agreed to do it.

I have always been a keen supporter of our community and saw this as an opportunity to show leadership.  That too was on my mind.

So I agreed to get in that ring, and having been there, I thought I would share some thoughts on my experience:

1.  It is a scary proposition.  If you can conquer that fear, then it gives you a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

2.  It is a big commitment of time … and yet these are incredibly busy people.  To do this, they get even better at time management.

Kevin boxing at Fight for the Cure 2011

3.  The training period for me was about 5 months.  My only knowledge of boxing came from watching it on television!  I had 5 months of personalized training in a new skill.

4.  Boxing is a physically demanding as any sport, and to be able to compete you need to be in great shape.  The 5 months of training supplemented by my own regular exercise regimen meant that I was in pretty good shape.

5.  Any new endeavor means meeting a new group of people and I met some very dedicated and amazing people through the experience.

6.  To put on an event like this is a huge endeavor and requires a leader willing to “make it happen”.  Just being around people like that is inspirational … we boxers made a big commitment, the organisers are at an even greater level of commitment.

7.  When you support any charity you get a better understanding of its impact, and meet people who have been affected.  That is a humbling and rewarding experience.

8.  I did not have it on my bucket list, but I am proud to be able to say, “I did it!”

9.  The friends you make through an event like this are for life … because this is a relatively small number of like-minded people willing to make this kind of sacrifice, and that is a strong bond.

10.  If you are a leader then it is your responsibility to give back, to lead by example and to help make our society a better place.  This is a very public way of doing just that.

If you get the opportunity to do this, give it some serious consideration … it is a very challenging, yet rewarding, way to really give back!

PS.  I lost my bout, but won in every other way!