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4 Easy and Free Steps to Getting the Attention of Top Talent

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asked respondents what they feel is the most attractive feature of their company to new employees, aside from the work itself.  Not surprisingly, results of the poll and a simple Google search reveal that most companies have a mix of enticing qualities.  So, why are some companies still not receiving the amount of applicants they want?  

One obvious reason is the looming skills gap – especially in the technology sector.  Finding a person with your desired qualifications and experience can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.  That person is out there; you just need to grab their attention.   Here are 4 easy and free steps to doing so: 

  1. Take some time to customize your job posting. Although most companies have a solid mix of perks and benefits, not many actually promote them.  Take a look at your standard job posting template. Do you really sell your company or does it focus mainly on the job, skills and requirements?  What’s really differentiating you from your competitors who have a similar posting? Check out this blog post from January that gives some tips on promoting your company culture and everything you have to offer.

  2. Post your job on your website. Having your job published to your own site is crucial.  Even if you use a third-party tool that publishes your jobs, make it easy to find them from your homepage.  Making a new, easy-to-remember URL that forwards to your careers page is also a great tactic (ex.  From there, ensure your page is consistent with company branding, the content flows and contains key words, and the application process is simple and clear.

  3. Submit it to Aggregators. Job Aggregators are a search engine for jobs.  They scrape websites to collect jobs and make them available to job seekers in one place – for free.  Statistics show that more candidates prefer these aggregators for searching rather than traditional job boards, so if you’re not posting there, you’re likely missing out on a lot of great traffic.  To get started, visit a site and follow their instructions for posting a free job. There are a bunch of aggregators out there including Indeed, Simply Hired, Eluta and Wow Jobs.

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  1. Share your job on social media. If your company isn’t taking advantage of social media yet, you’re behind.  Since you already have that job posted to your website, get onto social media and share it.  Add a comment to make it more personal and then ask others in your company to do the same thing. Also consider joining a few groups on networks like LinkedIn and Facebook that will let you share job opportunities for free.  

These simple steps will push your job out to a large network of people.  The right customized job posting will not only attract more candidates, but key words will make it easier to search on job aggregators, search engines and job boards.  When you add social media to the mix, you make it more personal which will make it more credible.