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Don't Kid Yourself About Your Work Ethic!

Babe Ruth quote Yesterdays home runs don't win todays games

Do you believe your own hype?

Perhaps you have enjoyed success in your career, perhaps you have had success in your chosen sport or people have praised you for some of the good things you have done over the years.

Don’t get complacent!

Don’t believe that because you were successful yesterday that you will be successful tomorrow!

The world is continually changing, fresh competition comes along, innovation happens … and any of us can be left behind quickly!

There is danger in thinking that you are good … because you stop trying as hard, you stop working as hard, you stop growing and learning as much.

"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic,it takes sweat determination and hard work" Colin Powell

There are other dangers … you think that you work just as hard as you did previously! Actually you leave a little earlier, arrive a little later and spend more time on non-productive things! The funny thing is that your mind believes you are still working just as hard!

When you were younger, hungrier and eager to get success you pushed yourself harder, you sacrificed a little more and you did what it takes to reach your goal. Today there are other people doing just that … so watch out for your competition!

I can remember interviewing for entry level sales jobs many years ago. I was a “techie” and there was a prevailing impression among the people with whom I interviewed that “techies” did not make good salespeople. I think I proved them wrong, but that wasn’t what was most memorable about those interviews.  The thing I remember most was how they all explained the work ethic I would need to be successful, and the long hours they all worked.  They even believed it!  My experience over the years seeing many of those people in the marketplace was that the salespeople who did make the effort were successful, but they were definitely a minority … yet they ALL thought they worked hard!

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work”  Albert Einstein

Take a hard look at yourself and what you actually do on a daily and weekly basis.

Do you REALLY put in the hours you THINK you do?  Or are some of those hours spent commuting?

How much of your productive day is spent on non-productive activities?  How many times are you on Facebook, texting friends and family, chatting with people, organizing your personal time and other productivity killers?

Use a time sheet to track how you actually spend your days for a week.  You might surprise yourself.

Maybe you are spending too many hours at work because you don’t get work done during the time you should?

Maybe you are losing ground against your “hungrier” competition?

Are you kidding yourself about your work ethic?  Do you actually need to revive your old work ethic?

“The reason a lot of people do not  recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls  looking  like hard work.”  Thomas A.  Edison