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10 Tips On Personal Branding For any Busy Person

personal branding quote by Tom Peters

You work hard, you put in more hours than the “next guy” and your focus is on the “meat and potatoes” of your job.  You are good at what you do and try to bring value every day.

In today’s workforce just being good at your job is not enough.  That is the “table stakes” and there are always going to be competent people capable to doing your job!

So what else is important for today’s executive?

You need to be a leader… and that means being visible, being open and being honest.  You need to be a champion for the company values and culture.  You should also be a thought leader and someone who is a role model to your staff.

Great leaders need to be seen as leaders, and they do that with their personal brand.  As an executive that should be a leadership type of personal brand.

What tactical things could you do this week to enhance your personal brand?

Here are 10 practical tips for any executive on building and improving their personal brand:

  1.  Dress the part.  Have you let your standards slip over the years?  Do you favor the “comfy shoes”, that favorite golf shirt, the stretchy pants?  Maybe you could invest a little into rebuilding a wardrobe that tells the world you are an executive.  Even in a “Zoom meeting” world how you dress can make a difference in perceptions.

  2. Look for a role model (or two).  Who are the executives you admire?  What is that you admire about them?  What can you emulate?

  3. Become more visible. Not just in your own department.  Get out of your office (even your virtual office … talk to others) and talk to people.  This is a subject that I will blog about in more detail at a later date, but ask questions, be interested in people.  Not just work and not just personal.

  4. Share your knowledge.  You did not become an executive without learning stuff along the way.  Share it with your staff.  Share it with your peers.  You could write a blog, or be a guest writer to a blog.  You could write for the company newsletter.  Demonstrate that you are a thought leader.

  5. Share articles that you read.  You probably read a fair bit.  Share those articles internally and externally.  Your sales team would likely love to have things they could share with clients.

  6. Get active on LinkedIn.  Any executive should have a presence on LinkedIn.  A professional looking picture, some biography and company information as a start.  Sharing content on a regular basis and providing some relevant feedback will enhance your status.

  7. Get active on Twitter.  This is also worthy of more space … but Twitter is a source of a ton of information, a great way to connect with interesting and valuable resources around the world.  It does NOT need to take a ton of time.

  8. Meet REAL people.  Not just “virtual people” on social networks.  It might be outside your comfort zone, but go to networking opportunities, get involved with industry associations and charities. (When this is allowed again!)

  9. Review your schedule to allow time for these newer activities.  Find 30 minutes a week for Twitter and 20 minutes for LinkedIn.  You may increase it later but you will need to have some time to “get in the game”.

  10. Commit to learning NEW stuff.  Get out of your comfort zone and embrace the realities of today’s workplace.  It is actually kind of cool!

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”  Jeff Bezos