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8 Reasons Why Companies Need Independent Contractors

So you’ve decided to make the leap into independent contracting but aren’t really sure why companies would want to engage your services.  Or, you are an experienced contractor and need to convince a hesitant client why they will benefit by engaging you on contract.  Here are some great reasons why companies need to have independent contractors in their staffing mix.

  1. Independent contractors can hit the ground running with little or no training involved beyond typical on-boarding.

  2. Independent contractors are highly skilled and typically more expensive than using a full-time employee of the same caliber; however, they can be engaged on a project basis and companies only pay for them while they are actually needed – they never sit idle.

  3. Companies remain lean, competitive and save money because they can staff up to the minimal levels needed year round, and bring in independent contractors to augment periods of peak demand.

  4. Independent IT contractor multi-tasking

  5. Companies can use an independent contractor’s expertise to train their own employee staff and bring their skill levels up to what they require. This is typically achieved through knowledge transfer while implementing projects.

  6. Using independent contractors allows companies to gain access to exceptional resources with scarce skill sets.

  7. Using independent contractors allows companies to gain access to different perspectives through an abundance of information sharing while still retaining their core staff.

  8. Using independent contractors allows companies try out pilot projects with less risk, after all, if it doesn’t work then the independent’s leave!

  9. Independent contractors can be used to assist with short term needs, such as covering for employees on extended leave. The contractor arrives with relevant skills and then leaves when it suits the company.

If you have other great reasons that should be on this list, please share them!  Leave us a message in the comment section.  We would love to get your insight!