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9 Reasons Why People Become Independent Contractors

An independent contractor is a skilled professional with a marketable talent who chooses to be self-employed. There are a great many benefits that go along with being your own boss including:

  1. You get to start and run your own business, with a view to growing it into something bigger. This is significant when we remember that many of the BIG consulting companies, and some of the most successful software companies, started with a couple of independents getting together.

  2. The most obvious – the independence of being the boss. It’s so nice, we say it twice.

  3. You avoid the politics of being an employee, the backroom deals, the rumor mongering, favoritism, self-promotion and duplicity risks.

  4. Independent Contractor Reader

  5. There is more opportunity to choose the work you will (or won’t) accept.

  6. You get to focus on what you love and your own technical skills without the hassles and headaches of management. Unless you are in Management, in which case, you still get focus on what you love.

  7. The financial benefits can far outweigh the financial risks.

  8. You are recognized as an EXPERT in your preferred field.

  9. The variety involved is very appealing! You choose the clients, the projects, the office locations, the industries and even the cities where you’d like to work. The level of customization achievable can’t even come close to an employee/employer relationship.

  10. There is much more control over your own time. You choose when you want to take vacation (or sabbatical) and for how long. Many independents find this an attractive benefit as it allows them to take shorter term contracts, with higher salaries, to so they can enjoy more down time during the summer or winter months.

If you are considering the move to independent contracting, what attracts you the most? If you are an independent contractor, why did you make the move?