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How to Make Your Own Luck

There is always an element of luck in life. Here are some common misconceptions:

  • People are lucky because they are in the right place at the right time.

  • People are lucky because they are born in a first world country, and/or into an affluent family.

  • People are lucky because they are gifted with a special talent.

That’s not really luck though and the world is filled with examples of people who had luck and did nothing with it.  So how lucky does this really make them?
Luck isn’t something you are born with, rather it is something that you can acquire.  Lucky people think differently and take action in ways that unlucky people don’t. Here are four tangible things ANYONE can do to make themselves luckier right away.

Adopt a positive attitude to be more successful.

1. Adopt a positive attitude. Admittedly this is easier for some than for others, but it is something that anyone (who wants to) can work toward.

  • Hang out with positive people and remember that you choose who you spend time with.

  • Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down.  Don’t listen to the inner voice that says “I can’t”. Focus only on the voice that says “I can. I am. I will!” Set goals for yourself and then crush them.

  • Accept that there are things you can’t change and focus on the things you can change.

2. Maintain a strong work ethic.

  • Work harder than your peers and put in a few extra hours every week if you can. It’s an excellent investment in you because those efforts are for


    and the fact your client benefits is good for everyone!

  • When you are at a client site – work!  Don’t slack off, don’t spend your time checking the news, chatting with or texting friends. It might seem like no one notices, but they do.

  • Look after your health so that you can keep up with a tough schedule.  Stay fit, eat healthy, and indulge in occasional treats but not as a way of life. Reward yourself, but not with food.

3. Invest in yourself and embrace the concept of continuous learning.

  • We often hear people say that they “… just don’t have time to learn” but you do – you really do and as a contractor it is imperative to success! There are thousands of audiobooks and everyone has a smart phone with some kind of music playing platform on it.  It has never been easier to download a course and start learning in the car, on the bus, and even while you’re making dinner.

  • Take advantage of every learning opportunity that comes your way.  Sign up for newsletters from training companies in your field. Many companies offer free courses and webinars in addition to their other training services.

  • Invest in training and tools that will help you learn and be more productive. The benefits you will gain will pay you back ten-fold.

  • Get a mentor, ask the experts, stretch your limits. There is always someone you can learn something new from and most people are honored to share what they know given the opportunity.  Offer reduced rates to clients when you are learning a new technology.

4. Give more than you get and find a way to keep on giving.

  • It is the people who are generous, with their time and their money, who get the most out of life.

  • You never know how a gift will come back so keep giving without expecting anything in return.

How will you change your luck?  What will you do differently today?