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Introducing Eagle's Talent Development Centre

Welcome to Eagle's Talent Development Centre

Welcome to our new Talent Development Centre! The Talent Development Centre is the direct result of a recent survey where we solicited input from contractors across Canada. We were looking for other ways to help our contracting community and the survey results were clear! Contractors want more information that is specific to their industry and their business.

So we have created this one-stop portal for independent contractors where you can get topical and helpful information that relates directly to your industry and your business. As we build our Centre, you can expect:

Information. Members of Eagle’s Executive Team will be contributing weekly, plus we’ll be making regular posts with information and insight on market trends, business regulations, tips, tools, training resources and everything else that will help your success in the contracting space. We will also invite guest bloggers that will provide information on a variety of relevant topics.

Hot Jobs. Take a look at the “Hot Jobs” section on the left. How is this different from our job board? These are our newest posting and will connect you to jobs where clients need a superstar and they needed them yesterday. They’re opportunities that are updated frequently and they will get you fastest results. They’re your best bet if you’re qualified and immediately available!

Networks. The Networking section on the left will take you to social media forums that are managed by Eagle. Feel free to join the ones that interest you and connect directly with the Eagle Team. Keep an eye on this section too, because we are always building more relevant groups and hangouts across social media.


We know you’re busy so we’ve made it easy for you to follow the latest postings. You can use the form on the left to subscribe to weekly updates with links to our most recent posts. Don’t worry we won’t SPAM you and you can unsubscribe anytime you want.


The Talent Development Centre is ultimately a resource for independent contractors to build their business. If you have any suggestions about topics you’d like covered, we want to hear from you.