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Lend a Hand

MLK quote about doing for others

My theory on helping others is that I get as much out of the “giving” as they are likely to get from the “receiving”.

It feels good to help others.

It is what makes our society so good, so civilised and so admired.

Using the “Pay It Forward” concept you can think of it as payment for favors done to you during your life, or favors that you might yet receive.

If you have ever been in a position where a little boost would have meant a great deal, then you already know how much your help would be appreciated.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”  Anne Frank

That should be enough … and for many people it is, so why not be one of those people that help others?

What could you do?

1. Help a neighbour in need.

  • Perhaps an elderly person could do with some help cutting the grass, getting groceries, getting to an appointment … you could do that!

  • Perhaps someone needs help with a project; because many hands mean light work… you could do that!

  • Perhaps someone is new to the neighbourhood and could do with advise … you could do that!

2. Help a new grad, because it is tough getting that first job.

  • Could you open a door?

  • Could you give career advice?

  • Could you help with a resume?

3. Help a charity, because there are many that need help.

  • Could you donate a few dollars?

  • Could you donate some clothes or furniture?

  • Could you donate some time?

4. Help a stranger.

  • If someone is looking lost could you help them find their way?

  • If someone is homeless and selling the “Outreach paper” could you buy one?

  • If someone is struggling to get in somewhere could you open the door?

5. Help a colleague.

  • Is someone in need of a mentor at work … could you help.

  • Is someone in need of help on a particular project?

  • Is someone in need of a little advice?

6. Help a relative/friend.

  • Be there for them.

  • Help in whatever way you can.

  • Build your relationship by giving more than taking.

If you live your life with an attitude of helping others you will not only feel good about yourself but you will be surprised how often people are willing to help you!

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”   John Andrew Holmes