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8 Things to Ponder When Applying for a Contract

You may find yourself in a position where you are unsure about whether to apply for a contract. It could be that you’re unsure if you have the experience; it could be that it’s in a different city and you’re hesitant about travel or perhaps another reason. If you apply for the contract with this mindset then you are bound to let that show in your application which will probably be the end of your chances!

There are many factors to consider before hitting that submit button including:

Unsure about submitting an application for a contract
  1. If you really have little or no interest in the job then absolutely do not apply.

  2. Never apply just for the experience of applying.

  3. If you decide to apply, then get in the right frame of mind and commit.

  4. Apply as though it is the contract of your dreams.

  5. Be honest about your fit. Don’t oversell yourself or sell yourself short.

  6. Demonstrate how you can fit the role with your experience and skills.

  7. Make your application very personal to this project. Customize your resume to highlight the appropriate skills and experience.

  8. If you need more information, get in contact with the Recruiter to learn more about the project, the company, and if possible any decision makers.

With these consideration in mind, you will be putting your best foot forward and will have a great chance of having your resume submitted to a client for consideration. If the client like what they see, you’ll be on your way to the interview and hopefully a new contract!