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Are You Really Ready for Cloud Computing?

As more and more clients are looking at cloud-based solutions, the profile of IT workers will inevitably change over the next 5 to 10 years.  As some of the previous systems and supporting infrastructure will be updated and moved to the cloud, the profile of the required IT staff to grow organizations will change along the way.  While we cannot say for sure what will change, it will affect without a doubt the specialists needed in all existing IT organizations, small and large.

Cloud Computing

The shift to cloud-based solutions will create growing demand for specialists focused on the business side of things.  We will see more opportunities for consultants on the business front versus pure application development or support.  Business Analysts and Project Managers will be needed to understand business needs, choose the appropriate cloud-based solution and manage projects that require even more integration. On that note, data integration will definitely be a big part of every project involving cloud-based vendors.

On the infrastructure side, changes are also coming along.  As clients are looking at cloud-based solutions, opportunities for “Solution” Experts with a broader skillset and an understanding of more pieces of the puzzle will be needed.  For example, Storage Specialists with strong knowledge of the complete data lifecycle will be better equipped to provide their clients with fully integrated storage solutions.

As with every previous technological change and innovation, cloud-based solutions will create opportunities for those who have the required expertise.  Look at least 5 years ahead and make sure your skills are gradually updated to meet those new challenges coming our way.