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How's That Career Path Looking?

For the many of us who are connected to Eagle in some way, career opportunities in the Professional space are near and dear to our hearts. Anecdotally, we all feel that opportunities abound. I’m a personal fan of believing we create our own destiny. Feeling good about what we do, believing it matters, and staying positive about the future all go a long ways towards ensuring success. Beyond the positive attitude, some data points help. Here are some things to feel good about in your chosen career:

Optimistic Future

  • This past February, the Federal Government placed significant emphasis in its budget on Science, Technology, and Innovation. The Prime Minister went on record saying that continuing to develop professional talent in Canada was crucial to our future competitiveness.

  • If you’re in the Technology space, a recent ICTC study showed that Unemployment rates in technology are roughly 1/2 of the national average. It also noted that more than half (55%) of all ICT jobs now come from non-ICT companies like the banks, telcos, oil and gas, etc. This trend will only continue.

  • The Professional space is also very clearly creating significant opportunities for women. Women are out-pacing their male counterparts as new entrants into the Finance and Accounting space. In technology, the wage gap between genders has rapidly been closing over the last 5 years, and a recent study suggested women are now approaching 95% of the pay rates of their male IT counterparts.

  • I Chair an organization called ITAC Talent, whose focus is on promoting engineering, science and technology to kids. Our members all share the same concern — there simply isn’t enough high-end talent available in Canada and it threatens their global competitiveness.

Finance, Technology, Executive Management Consulting. Regardless of your choice, the future looks so bright you may just want to wear shades!