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10 Tips on Working your Plan

If you want to be successful as a contractor, then you need to focus your energies on the types of activities that move you towards your goals and the work that you want to do.

Some excellent advice says Plan your Work and Work Your Plan. We would take it one step further: Plan Your Work and Be Very Focused in Working Your Plan!


Here's some quick tips:

  1. When working on any contract, be VERY focused on those activities in your plan! Always perform all tasks with 100%, but ensure you're especially building good references to help land future contracts that fit into your plan.

  2. When you're at a client site, be social with those around you but do NOT get sucked into long conversations, solve- the-world discussions or "whine sessions" about the company's internal problems.

  3. Stay Positive! Your attitude will ultimately determine your success.

  4. Use GREAT time management techniques and continually upgrade your time management skills. The most successful people are incredibly productive and that is no accident!

  5. Don't focus on other people too much. YES emulate those who are successful, YES learn from those around you and YES be happy for your colleagues' success. But do not worry that "she" is better than you, that "he" is getting better contracts or that "they" should do their job better. Focus 99% of your energies on making YOU better, getting YOU where you need to be and on YOUR success.

  6. Keep focused on the positive. It doesn't matter what happened last month, last week, yesterday or even an hour ago. By "working your plan" with a view to now and the future you will be moving towards success.

  7. Remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes so don't sweat it!

  8. Remember to revisit your plan often enough that it is not stale, but not so often that it never gets a chance to be executed.

  9. Look for solutions not problems.

  10. Did we mention Stay Positive? Positive people make things happen, focus on the good, and, from our experience, clients love having them around!

Do you have a plan? If so, how do you keep the right attitude to drive towards it?