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How to Improve Your Worth as a Contractor

No matter what your role is, your skill level, how much experience you have, you can always get better.

The question is DO YOU WANT TO GET BETTER?

Many contractors are pretty content to drift, moving from one contract to another. They will do what they need to do but don't do anything more. Some percentage of contractors just don't care. They will find any and every excuse to do the bare minimum and bill for the maximum.

The good news is that the people who do want to get better can easily differentiate themselves and rise above the pack.


Five reasons that you might want to do this:

  1. It makes you feel good about yourself.

  2. You have to work anyway so why not be the best you can be?

  3. Contractors with a reputation of working hard generally get more interesting, higher paying contracts with better clients.

  4. In the event of cut-backs, clients will try to hold onto their more valuable contractors.

  5. When the market is tight, contractors with better references tend to get hired first.

Five things you can do tomorrow to improve your value:

  1. Emulate the best performers in your field. Find what makes them successful and copy it.

  2. Do a self-assessment of your skills with third party input from your peers, your clients and even past clients. Identify one thing to work on and develop a plan.

  3. Take an interest in your industry. Join industry associations and networking groups to get to know your peers and help each other develop skills.

  4. Adopt a "can do" attitude. When approached with a problem, find a way to come up with a solution. At the same time, be honest about what you "can do" and don't over promise.

  5. Develop GREAT time management skills. Start small and work at it constantly. How can you be more efficient?

How do you stand out to clients and recruiters among all of the other contractors in your field? Do you have any other tips?