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9 Tips to Improve Your Twitter Recruitment Strategy

Love it or hate it, Twitter is one of the top social media platforms and isn't going to go anywhere any time soon. While it may seem like it's just a hangout for people to tell the world what they had for breakfast, social media experts say millions of companies around the world have embraced it, especially when it comes to recruiting. September's Virtual Recruiter Quick Poll, however, proved that there are also many who still haven't jumped on the bandwagon. Most companies who aren't recruiting on Twitter have either strategically decided it's not for them, or, more likely they don't understand it. Other companies' recruiting departments have dabbled in Twitter but still haven't figured out the right formula.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on Twitter or to improve your current presence and recruiting efforts.

  1. Brand Your Page: Sticking with the generic Twitter template gives serious Twitter users the impression that your company isn't serious or is incompetent. In less than 15 minutes on Twitter, you can easily upload your corporate logo as a profile picture, change the colors and cover picture to reflect your brand, and create a nice description. You'll continue to update and customize it over time, but a simple branded profile means you can start promoting yourself immediately.

  2. Start Following People: Look for anybody who may be interested in what you have to say. Of course you'd like job seekers, but Twitter profiles typically don't openly say "I'm looking for jobs at XYZ Company!" Instead, search for professionals in your industry and region, as well as any thought leaders who Tweet content relating to your corporate culture.

  3. Retweet and Favourite: No need to start Tweeting your own stuff yet. Since you're following like-minded users, browse and retweet or favourite the best posts. This will not only populate your feed, but it will help build a relationship with these users and increase the likelihood that they'll retweet your content.

  4. Start Tweeting: Now that you've got your feet wet, start putting out your own tweets but do not just tweet jobs. Include company news, internal events, and articles that relate to your organization's core values, products and services. Provide value to your followers!

  5. Don't Be Boring: This is a social network. Feel free to break the mold a bit and be a little more casual in your posts.

  6. Hashtag (#): Not everybody understands Twitter and fewer people understand the hashtag, but when used properly, it's a powerful tool! Think of a hashtag as a "Category" for your Tweet. Users will search a specific category to get all topics relating to it. To get you started, here are a few common hashtags when posting jobs: #jobs, #yourCity, #yourBrand, #yourIndustry, #resume

  7. Mention Other Users: When you write your Tweet, you can mention other users by writing @userName which notifies them and, very often, they will retweet. Mention users who may have followers you're targeting, like local job boards. For example, in Ottawa, there's a Twitter user named @jobsOttawa.

  8. Set Up a Personal Account: Once you have your organization's Twitter profile set-up, apply these rules to your own account. That account will attract a different network, but as long as you remain professional, you can also use it to promote your jobs. Encourage staff in your organization to do the same and watch your reach grow exponentially.

  9. Source and Screen Candidates: Finally, don't just use Twitter to promote yourself and hope others look at you. Use the search functionality to target and research potential candidates. Check out an applicant's recent tweets to gain insight into their personality and work ethic.

Twitter is among the top websites visited around the world and is guaranteed to help raise the presence of your jobs. As a side benefit, your corporate website will see search engine optimization benefits and the company could gain more publicity. Is your organization on Twitter? If so, does it have a separate account specifically for recruiting? How are you leveraging this network? Let us know!