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The Bright Future for IT Contractors in Canada

Take a look at the graphic below with results from a recent, and extensive, CareerBuilder Canadian survey. It points to significant demand for technology skill sets in Canada. While the survey focused on hiring, we know there is a direct correlation to contract roles and at Eagle, we see a similar pattern of contract opportunities. In 2013, ICTC reported that 14% of all work created in Canada was technology-related. The CareerBuilder data supports our belief that this trend has continued into 2014 and will do so on into next year.

Results from a recent CareerBuilder Canada survey

We know that there’s a bright future for IT contractors in Canada so the question is: “How can you take advantage of it?”.  First, keep building your relationships with recruiters.  When opportunities come in that require a quick turnaround, you want to be their top-of-mind choice.  You can also visit Eagle’s Talent Development Centre on a daily basis to scan the day’s Hot Jobs. These are opportunities that will close quickly and have a high chance of success if you submit your application immediately. Finally, check out the emerging skill sets. Are there any that you can take advantage of by improving your knowledge in some of those areas? Keep training today and become more competitive tomorrow!