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5 Steps to Hiring Faster

It's always nice to have a long hiring process to guarantee you have the best person for the job but let's be honest, it's rarely feasible. A long drawn out hiring process can come with significant costs -- you may lose out on a star candidate, your team falls behind because they're short-handed and you could come off as disorganized. Here are some steps you can take to hire faster.

  1. Review your process for efficiency. Take a step back and look at your entire hiring process to identify inefficiencies. For example:

    • Is your interview process too long? Screen resumes a little better to limit the number of interviews you need to schedule. Also take a look at this post from last month for some tips to shorten the interviews. Finally, don't forget about technology -- video interviews, live or pre-recorded, mean you can avoid travel time.

    • Do you need technical testing? Is it really necessary? How extensive does it need to be?

    • Reference checks are commonly done after the interview process. Try doing them between the first and second interviews, or even before any interviews begin.

    • Sometimes it's faster and even more cost effective to outsource. Evaluate your team's workload and resources and understand when it makes sense to seek help from a staffing agency, or a more basic, low-cost service like Virtual Recruiter.

  2. Perfect the job description. A clear job description means recruiters know exactly who they need and candidates know if they should apply. If you keep it vague, have too few or too many qualifications, you will get way more unqualified candidates. The same holds true for the job posting. A great job posting increases the amount of qualified people who apply.

  3. Be proactive. Take time out of your schedule to develop a hiring plan. Try to predict when you're going to need to hire and what kind of skills you'll need. Are there any areas or positions that have higher turnover than others? When you know what you need, start recruiting and create a pipeline of potential candidates.

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  1. Grab the Low Hanging Fruit. There are many reasons why passive candidates are ideal, but they're also the most time consuming. Don't rule out active candidates, especially if you're in a hurry. These are the people most likely to be available for an interview quickly and start immediately. Other low hanging fruit are working with you every day. Let your internal team know when you're recruiting so they can get referrals or even apply to the job themselves.

  2. Be decisive. You want to make the right choice, but pondering too long has negative effects. When it's time to make a decision, make it. This could even be during an interview if you're really confident in an applicant. When you make a decision, let your preferred candidate know immediately, preferably verbally, and give them a deadline to accept.

Every company has their secrets and core competencies when it comes to hiring. These are our favourites that we know will help you fill seats faster. Do you have any other suggestions?