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Improving Your Online Presence: The Hashtag

Dan Gasser By Dan Gasser, Marketing Specialist at Eagle
In the past couple months, we've covered tips on how you can raise your social media profile and get started on networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Now that you're on them (or if you're planning to get yourself onto them), let's look at how to maximize your presence with hashtags. Even if you're on every form of social hashtagmedia, there's a chance you're still in the large group that wonders why people put a number sign in many of their posts. In the social media world, that number sign is called a Hashtag. Hashtags are used primarily on Twitter, but are also supported on many other social media networks including: Google+ and Facebook. (Side note: While hashtags are supported on Facebook, studies have shown that people are less likely to read your post on Facebook if it has a hashtag.) This trend originated so that group topics could easily be grouped together and it would make it easier to have a discussion. For example, if you watch an award show, you'll often see they have a hashtag associated with it, like #Grammys2014. In that example, anybody on social media could search out that hashtag to talk to people around the world, in real-time, about was happening at the Grammys. Hashtags are now used beyond a specific conversation. They have become a powerful search tool. For example, when we tweet this blog post, it will be visible to a limited group of people. If, however, we add the hashtag #socialMedia to the end of the tweet, anybody interested in social media will be able to find it, simply by searching #socialMedia. Hashtags will help increase your social media presence and will also help you increase your followers. Experiment with them as you write your posts and see what works. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
  • Try to use hashtags that are already in use. To test them, simply search them out and see how many posts already have them.
  • If you use more than one word, remember to CapitalizeEachWord to make it easier to read.
  • #DontUseTooManyWordsInYourHashtagItWillBeTooHardToReadAndSearch
  • Limit your hashtags on each post. One to three hashtags are effective, any more than that make your posts confusing.
We would love to hear your hashtag tips and success stories. Leave us a comment!